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Ultrasound-guided infiltration

Duration of the visit

20 to 30 minutes

Duration of the examination (immobility required)

10 to 20 minutes

What is an ultrasound-guided infiltration?

Ultrasound-guided infiltration involves injecting an anti-inflammatory drug into joints, bursae or tendons to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. The radiologist uses an ultrasound machine as a guide and to see the infiltration site clearly.

Ultrasound-guided infiltration can effectively treat many joint problems using the following techniques:

  • Cortisone infiltration
  • Viscosupplement infiltration (Synvisc-One®)
  • Calcium lavage
  • Nerve block

Calcific lavage

The treatment with calcium washing makes it possible to suck up the calcium deposits in order to prevent bursitis and tendinitis. This reaction is beneficial and helps relieve pain.


No preparation is required before an ultrasound-guided infiltration.

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