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Testicular ultrasound

Duration of the visit

45 to 60 minutes

Duration of the examination (immobility required)

15 to 20 minutes

What is a testicular ultrasound?

Testicular ultrasound is useful for analyzing the epididymis, testes, and canals. It is used in the following cases:

  • Detection of a testicular torsion;
  • Location of an undescended testicle;
  • Detection of fertility problems;
  • Determination of the presence of nodules in the scrotal region;
  • Determination of whether a protuberance in the scrotum or testicles is solid (tumor) or filled with liquid (cyst);
  • Discovery of tumors;
  • Assessment of blood vessels.


No preparation is required before a testicular ultrasound. However, it is recommended to avoid the use of creams or perfumes before the examination.

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